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Take a look at our new distributor in Ukraine


We have added recently a new country to our distributor network: Ukraine. If you are interested, contact with Natalia Valakh. Search for it in the next link:



The last conference ESHRE, has been a success in visits to our stand. There is a great interest  of worldwide reproduction professionals,  to use Halotech’s patented kits that offer, since many years,  guarantee, reproducibility and traceability Reproduction professionals have come to Halotech stand  to know us, to know more about the advantages of using Halotech […]



Meet us at Madrid ASEBIR Congress between 15th and 17th of November 2017! The congress will be held at the Convention Center of Melia Castilla Hotel

Halotech´s getting global


It is now precisely one year that Halotech has initiated the review of all its international representatives contracts.  As per today Halotech owns more than 40 consolidated partners all over the world than can be identified in our web page partners halotech. in June, Halotech has also run its first 2days partners meeting which agenda combined […]

The Relevance of Male Fertility Assessment in first instance


7 out of 10 cases of dificult fertility issue have male component origins The Institut Marques in Barcelona has recently presented a report that shows how 71% of couples with infertility longstanding cause is male. Despite this high incidence, in many countries the male factor is not studied in depth and most of the couples […]

First Scientific Publication with Oxisperm


Ejaculate Oxidative Stress Is Related with Sperm DNA Fragmentation and Round Cells International Journal of Endocrinology Volume 2015 (2015), Article ID 321901, 6 pages ValeriaMaria Iommiello, Elena Albani, Alessandra Di Rosa, Alessandra Marras, FrancescaMenduni, Giovanna Morreale, Shanti Lia Levi, Benedetta Pisano, and Paolo Emanuele Levi-Setti   Abstract: Oxidative stress (OS) plays an essential role in male infertility […]

Male Infertility at the Science & Technological Park of Madrid


Halotech DNA SL is a biotechnology company that provides easy and straight forward detection solutions for human and animal male infertility to In-Vitro Detection (IVD) Clinical Lab, fertility and assisted reproduction Centers and also R&D laboratories.

The patented technology of Sperm Chromatin Dispersion (SCD) test allows the measurement of DNA fragmentation in human and animal sperm cells under the registered trademarks kits Halosperm® and Halomax® respectively.