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HalotechDNA, based in Madrid and founded in 2008, is a leading biotechnology company dedicated to research, development and marketing of solutions in the field of fertility. Our in vitro diagnostic kits, together with support for medical professionals, are a reflection of the innovative and high quality effort we bring to our solutions.

Our goal is to improve and enhance treatment prognoses in the field of fertility, where in vitro solutions make a valuable contribution.

We are deeply proud to be considered a dynamic and innovative company that puts couples at the forefront of our project while we provide solutions in the field of assisted reproduction to make the decision-making process more accurate for medical professionals.

Halotech is recognised for its unique and innovative focus on infertility research, placing our effort and dedication on understanding how we can satisfy the desire of our patients: a successful pregnancy.

Research, innovation, and quality are the pillars for the improvement of assisted reproduction cycles. Our SCD (Sperm Chromatin Dispersion) technique, developed and exclusively patented by Halotech, together with our kits, will guarantee a better understanding of each patient, faster required treatment time, a better quality pregnancy, and a higher success rate. This is the added value that assisted reproduction professionals have cherished in over 50 countries.

Our team advises and supports medical and laboratory professionals so they can obtain the best results for each patient. We are worldwide leaders in the field of DNA fragmentation thanks to our philosophy: understanding that every life is unique.

Specialists in reproduction. We are renowned for our unique and innovative focus on research and development for our fertility diagnostics kits. Our priority is support and knowledge for medical professionals, and we share the same objective, attaining the pregnancy desired by our patients

Our tests are safe, fast, reproducible in the laboratory and do not require additional equipment. The data they offer are complementary to conventional semen analysis and feature the highest quality, translating into ISO 13485. Our research team has developed patented techniques (SCD, Sperm Chromatin Dispersion) to provide more information and increase cycle success in the most effective and fastest way possible.


The male factor is responsible for 50% of cases of infertility and additionally, 15% of men considered infertile present normal semen analysis results. In both IUI and IVF, the probability of a pregnancy reaching full-term and the rates of live births are dramatically reduced the greater the DNA fragmentation and oxidation of the sample. Levels greater than this percentage influence the rate of fertilization and embryo quality, leading to a greater rate of repeated miscarriage and lower reproductive success. Our kits diagnose these factors and facilitate cycle success for the professional.

Our solutions

We are working to expand our solutions on the assisted reproduction market. We work with commercial partners around the world, both in the research and marketing of our products, providing added value to assisted reproduction professionals who have access to us in over 50 countries.


Our patent for the SCD technique leads Halotech to be known as the company with the halo. As a result of the research and development of this technique to measure DNA fragmentation, together with the oxidation and vitality tests, medical professionals have access to a simple, reproducible, and reliable technique to improve the outcomes of cycles.


The ISO 13485 standard on Medical Devices is an internationally recognized quality management system (QMS) for manufacturers of medical and related devices. The ISO 13485 standard is a worldwide benchmark for good practices in medical device quality management systems and in vitro diagnostic products. The main objective of the standard is to establish a set of harmonized regulatory requirements for quality management systems within the sector of medical devices.