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Halotech collaborates in the ANACER catalog


Halotech participates in the catalogue of ANACER – National Association of Assisted Reproduction Clinics – highlighting the importance of the DNA fragmentation test. In this also interactive magazine, you can find information about current issues in the field. If you are interested in knowing more, we leave you the digital version:

Halotech DNA – oficial exhibitor ESHRE 2020


The pandemic situation has brought a challenge for all of us, and this year the 36th annual meeting took place in a virtual environment. Halotech has happily made part of the official exhibitors, launched the oxiSperm® II as an IVD product as a new tool to help IVF medical professionals to obtain more information on […]

Halotech attended the 35th ESHRE


As seen recently, Halotech attended, in yet another year, one of the mot important congresses in the world of fertility – ESHRE. This time in Vienna, the congress saw 12.003 participants from 121 countries. Alongside our already known products portfolio, we have enhanced the importance of the detection of oxidative stress and pro-oxidative activity as […]

Workshop and Training in Minsk, Belarus, with Cell Diagnostic


On May 2019, Halotech DNA was in Minsk, Belarus, for the workshop: “Sperm DNA fragmentation: a concept more than a number. Diagnostics, clinical outcomes and patient management” and the practical training on “Sperm DNA fragmentation testing using Sperm Chromatin Dispersion method, in the clinical laboratory setting”. For this we had the presence of Professor Jaime […]



On February 2019, after 2 days of auditing from the Regulatory Agency of Belarus, Halotech has overcome satisfactorily all the regulatory and quality requirements, for the approval and sale of its products through their official distributor, Cell Diagnostic. Halotech DNA also overcame the ISO 13485:2016 audit, for the manufacturing of IVD kits through IMQ, thus […]

Recent studies featuring Halotech´s products


Take a look at one of the most recent studies about male infertility with the use Halotech´s products:

Halotech DNA present at ESRHE 2018!


A few weeks ago, we presented our new products in Barcelona: Ovoselect, focused on women and Oxysperm II, a new version of our already known Oxysperm. Both products were well acknowledged, thanks to everyone interested! Shortly their commercialization will begin. Look out!

Halotech celebrates its distributors meeting in Madrid


Last month we gathered our distributors from different areas of the world. For 2 days we held conferences, visits to Halotech´s production laboratory and specialized training at UAM´s laboratory. Furthermore, we took the opportunity to present our new products: Ovoselect, focused on women and Oxysperm II, a new version of our already known Oxysperm. Our […]

Sperm DNA fragmentation as a result of ultra endurance exercise training in male athletes.


Intensive sports practice seems to exert negative effects on semen parameters As evidenced by the observed results, sperm DNA fragmentation is affected by high-level sports practice; therefore, high loads of endurance training could potentially interfere with the athlete’s fertility potential. Leer más ->

Biotechnology and app’s collaborate


  Thanks to the collaboration of Aratech, it is been developed an app to make it easier to read the analysis of semen samples oxidative stress results. Take a look to the new magazine of our Technology Campus (pages number 15 and 49)