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Recent studies featuring Halotech´s products


Take a look at one of the most recent studies about male infertility with the use Halotech´s products:

Halotech DNA present at ESRHE 2018!


A few weeks ago, we presented our new products in Barcelona: Ovoselect, focused on women and Oxysperm II, a new version of our already known Oxysperm. Both products were well acknowledged, thanks to everyone interested! Shortly their commercialization will begin. Look out!

Halotech celebrates its distributors meeting in Madrid


Last month we gathered our distributors from different areas of the world. For 2 days we held conferences, visits to Halotech´s production laboratory and specialized training at UAM´s laboratory. Furthermore, we took the opportunity to present our new products: Ovoselect, focused on women and Oxysperm II, a new version of our already known Oxysperm. Our […]

Sperm DNA fragmentation as a result of ultra endurance exercise training in male athletes.


Intensive sports practice seems to exert negative effects on semen parameters As evidenced by the observed results, sperm DNA fragmentation is affected by high-level sports practice; therefore, high loads of endurance training could potentially interfere with the athlete’s fertility potential. Leer más ->

Biotechnology and app’s collaborate


  Thanks to the collaboration of Aratech, it is been developed an app to make it easier to read the analysis of semen samples oxidative stress results. Take a look to the new magazine of our Technology Campus (pages number 15 and 49)

Hamilton Thorne announced expanded product offerings to serve the assisted reproductive technologies market.


Halosperm is the leading in vitro diagnostic kit for measurement of DNA fragmentation in a fast, easy, and reproducible manner. Hamilton Thorne’s CASA systems offer its unique DNA Frag module to automate the use of the Halosperm kit in the research setting. The Halosprm G2 kit is compatible with the IVOS II and CEROS II […]

Take a look at our new distributor in Germany, Turkey and Azerbaijan


We have added recently a new distributor to our american network: UPL Diagnostic e.K If you are interested, search for it in the next link:

HALOTECH DNA, S.L., has successfully renewed its quality system and ISO 13485 certification, to DESIGN, MANUFACTURE AND COMMERCIALIZATION OF MEDICAL DEVICES AND FOR IN VITRO DIAGNOSTICS.


HALOTECH DNA, S.L. has just successfully completed and passed the follow-up audit Phase 2 of in March 2018, with the goal accomplished and maintained “0 Observations”

Our experience at ASEBIR


In the past congress of ASEBIR we launched two new products: kit oxiSperm® for the determination of the pro-oxidant activity and TACSperm® kit for the determination of the anti-oxidant capacity. Also our collaborators of the Faculty of Sciences -University Autonoma of Madrid- and the Clinic Ginemed Sevilla, had a presentation of works in the posters […]

Take a look at our new distributor in United States


We have added recently a new distributor to our american network: HAMILTON THORNE. If you are interested, search for it in the next link: