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Ovoselect®: Predictive Assessment of Oocyte Quality to Improve Reproductive Outcome


What is Ovoselect?

Ovoselect® is an innovative in vitro diagnostic kit designed to determine the DNA fragmentation rate of cumulus oophorus cells, as an indirect biomarker of oocyte quality.



The morphological study of retrieved oocytes is not a fully informative biological marker of oocyte quality. Ovoselect®can be used as an indirect but predictive indicator of oocyte quality based on the quality of DNA observed in the nuclei of cumulus oophorus cells.


Key Benefits:

– Fast, easy, and reproducible: Ovoselect® enables fast and easy-to-use DNA fragmentation assessment in cumulus oophorus cells, excluding complex laboratory equipment.


– Enhanced Assessment: Ovoselect® provides valuable information on oocyte quality and facilitates informed decision-making for medical professionals once the different oocytes have been classified according to the DNA quality observed in cumulus oophorus cells.


– Tailor-made treatment: The results obtained with Ovoselect® help to determine the most suitable oocyte for fertilization and embryo transfer after ICSI and IVF.


Unique advantages:

Ovoselect® was developed entirely by Halotech. This technique gives rise to different morphological variants of cumulus cell nuclei depending on the state of DNA, which correlates with the quality of the oocytes.


Product Features:

Ovoselect® produces contrast-enhanced images under brightfield microscopy (fluorescent microscopy can be also used).

Ovoselect® generates highly contrasted halos of scattered chromatin depending on the quality of the DNA (fragmented versus non-fragmented), allowing accurate assessment of the DNA status in cumulus oophorus cells.


Clinical Applications:

Ovoselect® can be used to differentiate the quality of different oocytes extracted from the same woman based on the quality of the DNA observed in the cumulus oophorus cells   and using simple reasoning: the higher the level of DNA damage at the cumulus oophorus cells, the lower the quality of the oocyte.


Ovoselect® allows to rank different embryos recovered and fertilized for transfer. Embryos with lower levels of DNA damage at the cumulus oophorus cells are preferentially selected for transfer.

Ovoselect® allows to analyze the role of oocytes in unexplained infertility.

Ovoselect®  allows to analyze the oocyte stimulation response to different hormones.

Ovoselect®  allows to control of oocyte quality in scenarios such as history of cancer, use of medications, exposure to toxic agents, urogenital infections, and unhealthy lifestyle habits.


Each single oocyte can benefit from the information offered by Ovoselect®



Ovoselect® empowers medical professionals to comprehensively assess the DNA quality of cumulus oophorus cells. This information can be used to select the most efficient oocyte to be transferred after fertilization.