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oxiSperm®II: Evaluation of pro-oxidant activity in semen

Product designed to evaluate pro-oxidant activity in the ejaculate.

What is oxiSperm®II?

oxiSperm®II is an innovative in vitro diagnostic kit designed to revolutionize the analysis of REDOX aspects of the ejaculate during ejaculate quality valuation. This product is based on the capacity of Nitro Blue Tetrazolium (NBT) that becomes reduced by free oxygen radicals (pro-oxidant molecules). This reaction transforms NBT into formazan, which has a purple colour. The intensity of the colour is directly proportional to the pro-oxidant activity of the sample. This end-to-end solution addresses the limitations of conventional semen analysis by evaluating a critical parameter: pro-oxidant activity.


Conventional semen analysis does not consider the assessment of a critical parameter that affects male fertility such as pro-oxidant activity at the ejaculate. oxiSperm®II fills this gap, offering the possibility of determining pro-oxidant activity in neat semen samples, seminal plasma and spermatozoa.

Key Benefits:

  • Fast, easy and reproducible: oxiSperm®II enables the quick and user-friendly measurement of pro-oxidant activity, reducing the need for complex laboratory equipment.
  • Enhanced Assessment: Complementing conventional sperm analysis, oxiSperm®II provides valuable information about sperm quality and helps medical professionals to determine when patients require treatment with antioxidant supplements.

Unique advantages:

oxiSperm®II is based on the NBT reaction in the form of a pre-assembled and specifically formulated reactive membrane. The interaction of the sample with the reactive membrane results in the appearance of color in the sample, ranging from pale pink to purple/dark blue, which can be easily and comparatively quantified compared to the color palette provided with the kit.

Product Features:

Comprehensive evaluation of pro-oxidant activity: oxiSperm®II allows the evaluation of pro-oxidant activity in neat semen samples, seminal plasma, or spermatozoa in a simple, fast, and reliable way.

Clinical Applications:

Medical professionals use Halotech’s solutions, including oxiSperm®II, to complement conventional semen analysis.

Evaluation of pro-oxidant activity in ejaculation is particularly recommended in several scenarios, including the following:

  • Men presenting altered conventional semen analysis.
  • Men with altered level of sperm DNA fragmentation.
  • Unexplained infertility.
  • Men over the age of 40.
  • Factors such as history of cancer, use of medications, exposure to toxic agents, urogenital infections, and unhealthy lifestyle habits.



oxiSperm®II allows medical professionals to comprehensively assess sperm quality by assessing pro-oxidant activity in the ejaculate. By bridging the gap in conventional semen analysis, this innovative diagnostic kit can help optimize treatment decisions and improve reproductive outcomes.